March Athlete Spotlight–The Community


This month, I wanted to do something just a little different in light of the Opens. Since this is the time of year to not only put ourselves to the test, but to also re-invigorate the community aspect of the methodology, I’d like to take this chance to spotlight the drive and work ethic of the community.

CFD has been here for almost 6.5 years now. All of us coaches have been in the industry longer than that, have come from different backgrounds and sport specificities. We’ve witnessed the rise and fall of countless trends, pieces of equipment, gear, diets, and methodologies. The industry is inundated with not only very dishonest people looking to sell you snake oil, but also plenty of well-meaning people who aren’t educated enough in their craft to be doing what they do; ‘coaches’ who are no more than glorified cheerleaders who try to compensate for their lack of knowledge with enthusiasm and good intent.

I want to just take a moment and reflect on what we have at CFD. We have a community of people who understand that the path to success comes through hard work and dedication. There are no shortcuts. While there are smarter ways to train, fuel, and recover, there is no way around working hard and sticking to a plan.

You guys get it.

You prove it every day with your presence, sweat puddles, torn hands, and PRs.

Thank you all for your dedication, your hard work, and your personalities that makes this place what it is—the best gym in Dubuque!

Stay the Course.

—Coach Phil


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