Trust and Time


We have made it through the 2019 Opens and the involvement from the community this year far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had. You guys made these last 5 weeks very fun and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of CFD! Our 2019 is off to a fantastic start already, and we aren’t even into April yet. The weather’s starting to warm up and there are a ton of exciting things on the horizon at CFD:

The 2019 Classic

Our next in-house competition is just around the corner, and early-bird registration is only available until April 12th, so gather your team and sign up today!

FS1 & Gymnastics

With the (very welcome) warmer weather and longer days come yet another opportunity to participate in some alternate or supplementary program paths to better suit your fitness goals! I will be offering the Foundational Strength 1 program as well as the all-new Gymnastics program beginning on April 29th. 

Moving Forward

We have reached yet another pivotal moment in many of our training paths. Whether you were happy with your performance in the Open, frustrated with it, or relatively indifferent, we are all ‘turning the page’ so to speak and moving on in our training cycle with new information and the potential for a fresh start and healthy outlook.

A friend, colleague, and my personal coach for years Jason Leydon from CrossFit Milford recently put out a great post on his IG page (if you don’t follow Jay or CFM, you definitely should – they put out TONS of great information and he’s one of the best coaches in the world in my opinion!). He asked his audience what the most important parts of any program are. His answer? Trust and Time.


First of all, you have to have trust in your program, in your coach, in your goals, in your direction, and in yourself. If that isn’t established…if you don’t TRUST the process…you’re at best just going through the motions and have constant reservations about your purpose. Compliance suffers, purpose suffers, lifestyle factors will not align, and you’ll be constantly looking for the next-best-thing. You’ll fail before you even begin because your head and heart weren’t invested.


Closely related to trust comes simply respecting the process and giving it the time it requires. Nobody, I repeat – NOBODY – got to any respectable level of fitness in a short period of time. Adaptation requires consistent training. If you can’t set a goal and pursue it consistently over time, you’ll jump around too often and never make any changes. There’s a process to improving any measurable component of an athletic profile, and all of them require time.

We are so quick to forget that the accomplishments of any respectable athlete took massive amounts of consistency, trust, dedication, and time. I can personally recall a day in high school when I was invited to lift with some of the football players and ended up pinned to a bench with a 135# barbell across my scrawny chest because I couldn’t budge what the other guys were warming up with. 

We need to be reminded of these concepts every so often, especially since everything today is promised in very templated, packaged time constraints. There is a challenge, boot camp, or a get-fit-quick scheme for anything you could ask for today. Fitness models sell the hottest and latest clothes to wear to the fashion show that is any gym in 2019. There are exactly 8 bajillion supplements out there – exactly none of them are superior to spending your money wisely on groceries. There are millions of vultures disguised as fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle ‘expert coaches’ who don’t know shit and are eager to make a buck – the industry is plagued with this kind of nonsense. 

So what’s the answer? However that looks for you, you’re going to have to TRUST the process and give it TIME. There’s no shortcutting hard work and executing a solid plan. 

I went from a weak kid to a strong man in only two easy steps:

  1. Be willing to work hard and commit to a plan
  2. Spend just shy of two decades executing that plan.

Simple, right?

To those of you who trust me, I thank you for that trust and will do everything I can to lead you to success. I’m really looking forward to everything in store these next few months and am proud to watch each of you make progress along the way!

Stay the Course.


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