Upcoming services


CrossFitters:  men and women, young and old, big and small.  We come in many shapes and sizes, but we have one thing in common—a drive to be better, regardless of the hand we’re dealt.  Regardless of our starting point.  Regardless of our excuses.  It inspires me every single time I have a great class of hard-working people in my presence.

In an effort to make CFD the place to be, I have put some thought into offering some additional services in order to add value to your experience and your journey as a CrossFitter here in Dubuque.

In the coming weeks, look for another round of a Strength Gain Challenge!  I’m in the process of getting another one put together, and we will be implementing that soon.

Also, in addition to that, I am meeting up with Coach John this week, who is an incredible gymnast (if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying to keep up with him doing any bodyweight movements before!) and starting the process of having him write a gymnastic program for the CFD population.

What does this mean to you as an athlete at CFD?

CHOICES!  It means you have the option of supplementing your standard class training with extra volume of strength work and/or gymnastics progressions to get you better even faster.

More details are in the works, but just know that it is my #1 priority to make your experience at CFD as fulfilling as I can.  With fall approaching, let’s start getting into that mindset of buckling down and taking our abilities to the next level TOGETHER!

Let’s get to work, CFD!

RLTW <1>

—Coach Phil