Workout Tips To a Flatter Stomach


I see countless articles that have this title or something similar to it.

If you type in a google search that begins with ‘best exercises,’ google autofills the rest to finish ‘for abs.’

Plus, I can’t count enough times people have asked me for extra work to help them lean out.

Everyone is obsessed with finding the secret to having a slim and defined midline and improving their body composition.

Want to know what all the ‘ab-defining workouts’ and ‘workout tips to a flatter stomach’ have in common?

They’re all mostly BULLSHIT.


Because you can’t spot-define parts of your body based on the exercises or workouts you do. That means quite simply you can’t lose the jiggly parts on your arms by doing triceps extensions any more than you can lose the fat around your midline by doing crunches. Conversely, the body doesn’t store fat in areas just for the simple reason that you don’t actively work them out. The body doesn’t work that way. How your body decides to store body fat is determined by hormone levels and genetic predisposition.

Do you want to know what the real trick is? Well, it’s not a trick at all. People who want to improve their body composition, or ‘tone up,’ simply want to see the muscle on their body not be hidden by fat.

So, the absolute best, tried-and-true, most effective methods done by the leanest people in the world (bodybuilders) focus on two things:

  1. Fix your FOOD!!! (MOST IMPORTANT, HENCE #!), and…
  2. Build muscle, and focus on bigger muscle groups.  Squatting and Deadlifting should be your best friends! (by ‘build muscle,’ I’m not talking about taking some 6 pound dumbbells and doing a million reps to ‘tone.’ I mean GET STRONGER, which means actually TAXING your body and your muscles, which means it should be difficult to move the load! The purpose to any good weight training protocol is to induce enough STRESS on the body so as to elicit an ADAPTATION…no stress, no adaptation. You can’t stay comfortable if you want things to change!)

That’s it. Obviously it can be much more specific than that, but if you REALLY want to see your abs, the facts are that they are mostly already there, they are just hidden by stored body fat, and the only way to melt that away is to fix your food profile, not by doing some magical ab workout routine.

Cut through the fluff, don’t buy into the BS, and trust the process. If you want something to change, you’re going to have to work for it. There’s no life hack for leanness or athleticism, you’re just going to have to execute a game plan. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to sell you something.

–Coach Phil

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